N. Rashed Chowdhury

Director’s Biography: Rashed Chowdhury is an Independent filmmaker and film activist in Bangladesh since 1989. He has been involved with Bangladesh Short Film Forum-the pioneer organization of independent film movement in Bangladesh. Since his high school days, Rashed had been an active participant of the Film Society movement of Bangladesh, initiated during the sixties. Rashed …

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CHANDRABATI  Chandrabati was a medieval Bengali poet, widely considered as the first woman poet of Bengali language. She is best known for her women-centered epic Ramayana. Chandrabati was born to Dij-Banshidas Bhattacharya, 1550 CE in the village of Patuyari, on the banks of the Fulesshori river in Kishoreganj which is currently located in Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Bansidas was a composer of …

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Production House

Production House:   CONTACT: BENGAL CREATIONS, HOUSE 44, ROAD 3, NIKUNJA 1, KHILKHET, DHAKA-1229. Emil:                TEL: +8801713037660


LOG LINE: In the mid 16th century, classical East Bengal context – after being betrayed by her fiancé – the young female writer exiles herself inside a Shiva Temple and resorts to re-write the great Indian epic `Ramayana’, where she tells her Ramayana completely based on the ignored point of view of Sita instead of …

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